Today, more than ever, you just can’t afford to waste money. With energy costs going up every year, energy efficiency is crucial. If your windows aren’t insulated, you’re losing money.

Insulated glass creates a protective barrier between your home and the elements. Star City Glass & Screen offers full service on insulated glass replacement.  We also have many options to fit your needs, both aesthetic and practical.

Is it time to repair your insulated glass?

If your existing insulated glass is broken or shows signs of fogging or condensation, it’s important that you have the window repaired or replaced. Count on our more than 20 years of experience to help ensure your insulated glass is providing the protection you and your family need.


You’ll also find a variety of vinyl windows, screens, glass doors, and more.

Quality work

Call us today to find out how affordable our insulated glass replacement service can be.

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